Pest Repellent

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Natural Safe Pet Protection - for Dogs and Cats - Wipe them and notice the difference!  Flea and Tick Repellent

PETS, THEIR BEDDING & CARPET - - Some giving sad reviews have not used it correctly ... see below.....

The BEST WORKING natural product I have ever used. Works like MAGIC! We experienced IMMEDIATE results!, May 12, 2015

This product is AMAZING! I have tried every natural remedy I could find on the internet and although some worked, they weren't convenient and they were very time consuming! This product works like magic! For cats, spray a little on your hands, rub together lightly, then rub your cat from head - (not face and be careful not to get it into their eyes!) to tail tip...don't forget their feet! Lightly spray carpets, soft surfaces and bedding (yes the sofa, chairs, beds, and any soft surfaces or upholstered furniture). Repeat about every other day or as needed but for sure be diligent by applying every other day for the first 3 weeks - that way you are sure to get all newly hatched fleas and any newly laid eggs (life cycle 10-14 days therefore 3 weeks will more than cover entire populations). Your cats will experience immediate relief as will you!!! P.S. I don't have a dog but if I did, I wouldn't hesitate to use Wondercide for dogs. P.P.S This product is very odoriferous (I ordered the Cedar and Lemongrass fragrance), use sparingly for all human and animal benefit - besides, a little goes a long way and works superbly ~ trust me.

PLEASE NOTE ****  IF USED IN A WRONG MANNER - YOU WILL HAVE SAD RESULTS! - - Do Not Over Use!  On pets, people, home, or outdoors!   There have been many results on more than one product.  If you will notice, there are reasons people have GOOD RESULTS.  IT IS THE MANNER THE PRODUCTS ARE USED.  Please use sparingly - even if "natural" products are listed.  The ingredients are safe when used correctly - like a cake with a pinch of salt, or overdose of it.  It can be good, or "ruin the whole thing and create toxic results".  Before giving testimonials or "sad results", please view all comments.  If in doubt, do not use - - or, if unsure the ingredients are safe for your cat or dog (or babies??), call a vet, share ingredients, then make purchase -  NOT BEFORE.

Non-toxic is the answer - - Try It!

I have been doubtful regarding most sprays on all pets, because of not knowing allergies, or possible reactions (especially cats), so I have decided to use ultrasonic plug ins in every room - - and you know what?  It has worked for my home - pets and humans.  I've used them over 30 years.  One on each border wall, in every room.  This compensates for furniture that may bounce or shut off frequencies.  This is  from a true user and my personal experience. -- D. Texas